At Palmira Capital we seek to provide best-in-class services for our clients that cover the entire life span of a property.

Investment Management

Finely tuned to our clients' individual requirements, we plan individual and portfolio investments for both direct and indirect investment opportunities. We achieve this by working with German investment companies and their own investment platforms, Luxembourg fund structures or with other types of investment platforms, as required. Our experienced team has in-depth knowledge and detailed understanding of the whole range of real estate investment services: from fund management and management of external finance, through to book-keeping and financial reporting.

Asset Management & Property Management

We believe that acquiring quality investments, maintaining and increasing value must go hand-in-hand. Palmira's in-house team is focused upon professional and proactive asset and property management to achieve long-term growth for the capital invested. Everything we do is managed under one roof for the whole life of the investment. As well as transaction management this includes; strategic asset planning, commercial and technical management, letting, performance analyses, detailed reports and long-term tenant support.

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